Microsoft Cloud – Amalfi Project Managament

cloud computingDeploying your solution in the cloud rather than on your own premises, is extremely convenient and cost efficient. Amalfi partners with Microsoft to host your solution in the Microsoft cloud. Customers will not need to worry about hardware and backups. Instead they can focus their time and Energy on running their business.

When choosing a hosting vendor, it is of course first and foremost important to find a partner that you can trust with your data. You must trust they keep your data secure and confidential and you must trust that you will always have access to them. If your hosting vendor goes out of business, it does not help much that your data is secure.

Another less obvious factor in choosing a partner, is how well they manage the deployed solution. This is especially important when it comes to ERP. ERP solutions like Dynamics NAV puts a more specialized demand on the underlying infrastructure such as database performance, available ports etc. A partner like Amalfi knows these needs intimately and can optimize the deployment for the best end user experience. In partnering with Microsoft, Amalfi can deliver on all of these things and give our customers a trustworthy hosting solution tailored to their needs.